New technology and new energy, safer without charging.

  • No need to charge, away from the fire accident, convenient and trouble-free, safe and secure
  • Replace the charge with a replacement, 6 seconds full charge, no waiting
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About Battery Exchange

Delivery has become the "new infrastructure" of modern urban life, and electric bicycles have become the preferred vehicles for food delivery. However, the slow charging of electric bicycles, safety risks, lack of range and other issues, the safety of the relevant workers in the industry and income has had a certain impact.

To solve this problem, Vinxs E-Bike has developed an innovative power exchange project, which is a tailor-made solution for the problems of short battery life, slow charging, large battery decay in winter and short life span of electric vehicles in the take-away and courier industries. The whole set of products consists of unattended intelligent battery exchange cabinet, intelligent lithium battery, business operation platform, and cell phone client, customers only need to download the "Vinxs Power Exchange" APP to easily complete the rental of batteries, intelligent power exchange.